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Solid Waste Management Plant

A solid waste disposal facility consisting of different devices and combining with different sorting methods to separate useful resources out from the municipal solid waste. Can include source reduction, recycling, storage, collection, transportation, processing, and disposal. Solid waste facilities include landfill, composting sites, transfer stations, incinerators, and processing facilities. Complete estimate of the current quantities and composition of the overall waste stream generated in the planning unit. This evaluation needs to include estimates for municipal solid waste (MSW), Which includes residential, commercial and institutional waste, construction and demolition ( C&D) debris, industrial waste, and biosolids.

All nonhazardous solid waste from a community that requires collection and transport to a processing or disposal site is called refuse or municipal solid waste (MSW). Refuse includes garbage and rubbish. Garbage is mostly decomposable food waste; rubbish is mostly dry material such as glass, paper, cloth, or wood. Garbage is highly putrescible or decomposable, Where as rubbish is not. Trash is rubbish that includes bulky items such as old refrigerators, couches, or large tree stumps. Trash requires special collection and handling.

7 R`s Recycling

  • Recycle
  • Refuse
  • Reduce
  • Reuse
  • Repair
  • Re – Gift
  • Recover

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