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Food Industry

We are a leading Manufacturer of Conveyor Belts for the Food Industry in India. With high-end conveyor belt technology from Sree Vinayaga Automation Solutions. Over the 10 years, conveyor systems have become a lot more sophisticated and are an integral part of a diverse range of Industries. Our Products are an efficient and cost- effective way of transporting goods and materials. Conveyor belts can be integrated into the manufacturing process with Metal belts. We offer a variety of designs and options to fit your specific requirements. Asper a result, hygiene, and sanitation standards for food plants and the food industry are some of the most rigorous in India. Here we have technologies that are helping to make food conveyor belts part of the solution rather than part of the problems.

  • Improve full line efficiency
  • Reduce waste
  • Optimized Sanitation

Mining Industry

We are a leading Manufacturer of Conveyor Belts for the Mining Industry in India. Sree Vinayaga Automation Solutions Materials Handling systems run reliably and cost-effectively and are environmentally friendly. We can assist you in better declamation of the dust suppression issues associated with surface mining and observing good community connections. We can help you deal with the belt cleaning complaints associated with the large quantities of water used in your underground mine. We share your enterprises for your workers when it comes to respirable dust and other health and safety hazards essential in the mining industry. We help you observe your conveyor belt operation running clean and safely at the utmost capacity

  • Increased Productivity
  • Safer Operation
  • More Profit

Automobile Industry

We are the Best Automotive Conveyor System Manufacturers in India. The automotive industry is the technological trendsetter among Manufacturing Industries. Our integration of automation, software, and cutting-edge technologies will take the industry to the next level of efficiency. Automotive production is becoming too smart. This is one of the most complex industries to utilize conveyor systems in the automotive industry. As a result, our high standards of service and quality of machines have gained the attention of the Automotive Industry, and many rely on Sree Vinayaga Automation for their conveyor belts, conveyor equipment, conveyor components, and custom solutions. Sree Vinayaga Automation Solutions prides itself on offering our customers high-quality, value-added conveyor components. We understand your need for conveyor systems to work day-in and day-out without interruption. The automotive and tire conveyor belts that we provide are built to rigid standards and equipped with components that are designed to last for years of stress-free service.

Beverages Industry

We are the largest Manufacturers of Food and Beverage Conveyor Systems in India. Sree Vinayaga's conveyor belt for flex-top bottles is typically used for businesses that handle bottles and jars in their operations. This system allows production lines to be interconnected. For example, a filling and labelling machine can be connected as well as the containers’ production line and the labelling machine. Plastic chain conveyors allow transit from one process to another completely different and flexible. It can be installed in a straight line, horizontal curves, ascendants, descendant, and spiral shapes. When choosing Belt Power for your beverage conveyor systems, you own peacefulness of mind knowing that our consummately trained technicians are available to help you 24 hours a day to alleviate layoff.

Featured Products for Beverage Conveyors
  • Tabletop Chain Conveyor
  • Plastic and Metal Belt Conveyor
  • Plastic Modular Belting (mould to width and wide belt applications)
  • The Conveyor Belt for accumulation.
  • Durable Pasteurizing Tunnels Conveyor Belts
  • Shrinkwrap Tunnels Conveyor Belts
  • Palletizer Conveyor Belts

Dairy industry

Sree Vinayaga Automation Solution is the leading Dairy Products Conveyor Manufacturers in India. Producing and Processing Milk and Dairy Products like Cheese, Butter, or Ghee is carried out under very sophisticated production conditions and requires specific conveyor belts. At Sree Vinayaga Automation, food safety is paramount. The hygienic design of our conveyors allows for effective sanitation with conveyors that are quick and easy to clean. Our Conveyor Belt for Dairy Plant is fabricated using high-grade raw materials. Our unique and quality Conveyor Belts for the dairy plant have proved in many installations that nothing like this takes place while the usage of our plastic modular belts.

Oil Industry

We are the largest Manufacturers of Oil and Grease Resistant Conveyor Belts in India. It is specifically designed to convey different types of materials that contain any kind of oil and fat, it will not be affected by paraffin oil, naphthene oil, gasoline animal or vegetable fats, etc. These Belts are specially constructed with Nitrile Butadiene Rubber (NBR) with Polymer that is resistant to oil and grease and provides higher performance life of the Conveyor Belt. For saving optimum performance, this oil-resistant belt constitutes of parts and components that come covered with machine oil as well as are heavy- oil treated to manage the movement requirements of-

  • Coal in cooking plants and electric power generating plants
  • Soybean Draff
  • Fish Meat
  • Other Oily materials contain non-polar organic solvents and fuel

Pharmaceutical Industry

We Sree Vinayaga Automation is the top Conveyor Belts Manufacturers of Pharmaceutical and Medical Packaging in India. Our Pharmaceutical Conveyor Belt is used for Medical related products that are small, lightweight, and fragile. That makes them easy to handle, orient, and move. Accumulation, high-speed bottle filling and blister packaging, labelling, and tracking all require conveyors that work quickly, precisely, safely, and cleanly. Let our expertise and unique results in the medical and pharmaceutical markets enhance your processes and reduce expenses.

Packaging Industry

We are the Manufacturers of Roller Conveyors Belts for both Gravity and Driven, which can be used in Manual and Automatic Palletizing Operations. The Packaging Industry has many different process requirements, from moving products into packages, marking packages, to stacking or sorting of the packages. At Sree Vinayaga Automation we have a conveyor for just about any type of packaging automation needed. Our broad selection of belt conveyors can be used in packing and capping operations. We accumulate, rotate, transfer, push, pull, elevate, decline, clamp, slide, flip, spin, and just about anything you can imagine. Our packaging conveyor applications offer your business the ability to optimize labour assets while achieving accurate, consistent and safe product routing while reducing product loss.

Bottle Industry

We are the largest Manufacturers of Conveyor Systems for the Bottle Industry in India. We specialize in manufacturing bottle conveyor systems for a soft drink company, a bottler of fresh spring water, fruit juice, or anything. It is the major player in the Beverage Industry. One of the most crucial for day-to-day operations is the need for effective Bottle Conveyors Belts. Our Sree Vinayaga Automations Conveyor systems in the beverage industry are essential for numerous processes on the bottling line: filling, capping, labelling, packing, shipping, and much more.

  • Stacking of Bottles
  • Turning and Twisting of Bottles
  • Lifting the Bottles
  • Loading the Bottles
  • Sorting Or Separating Bottles (Glass bottles and Plastic bottles)
  • High-Speed Bottles
  • Rejecting Bottle Systems
  • Diverting Conveyed Bottles

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