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Bag Stacker


Bag Stacker

Bag Stacking Conveyors are used to stockpile material, usually aggregates, for later use. The conveyors pivot about their tail terminals, which allow them to form conical piles for extra storage. They can also raise and lower, either manually or by hydraulics. Used to move filled bags from the bag filler through the bag closer and onto the palletizing area. The operators will off-load the bags from the trucks and place them on the conveyor to be conveyed to the top of the stack of bags, where another operator will off-load the conveyor and place the bags on the stack for storage. This type of conveyor mainly used in stockpiling of warehouses

  • cuts labor costs
  • enables stacking in advanced and retreat configuration
  • lowest average cost per ton of any stacking method
  • most efficient & flexible means of conveying and stacking
  • space saver
  • loading height
  • Off-loading height
  • bag types

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